The Mid Wessex Singers, the Somerton based choir, are inviting people to discover the fun and health benefits of singing in a group. They are holding free taster singing sessions in Somerton and Langport in early September, led by their new Musical Director, Elaine Thorneycroft-Gibb.

Singer Steph Taylor advocates both the health and social benefits of singing in a choir. ‘There has been a great deal of research recently that has demonstrated that singing in a group reduces stress, elevates the levels of ‘feel good’ hormones, boosts the immune system and is good aerobic exercise.

Singing is also a very social activity. Mid Wessex Singers are a very welcoming and happy group who enjoy our rehearsal time – learning new music and improving musical skills, whilst sharing companionship and a lot of laughter. The taster sessions will be a glorious mixture of old and new, classical and modern music for people to try.’

The sessions take place on Tuesday 6 September from 8 to 9 p.m. at West Street Church Hall in Somerton and on Saturday 10 September from 10 to 11.30 a.m. at Great Bow Wharf in Langport. From 13 September the Mid Wessex Singers will start rehearsing for their Christmas concert which will include a performance of parts of Handel’s Messiah as well as traditional carols. More information is available at


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